Click & Collect Improvements List: How Companies Can Increase Sales and Retention Rate

This year, many grocery chains launched pick-up services and offered delivery.

Click & Collect is a service when a user places an order on the website, it is prepared/collected, but the user picks it up himself.

It is convenient to place an order and pick it up yourself because:

  • no need to stand in line to enter the store during quarantine, and at the checkout in the store;
  • no need to walk among people in the store during quarantine (and after — it is also useful for introverts);
  • no need to waste time walking around the trading floor in search of the right products;
  • no shipping charges.

How to Improve Service:

  • Every time user opens the site — he\she needs to confirm the selected store.

→ Skip this stage using cookies if it has already been selected in this browser;

  • If the user chooses products for a long time or just get distracted — he\she will be logged out and will have to select all the products again.

→ Allow customers to stay logged in as much as possible;

  • When a customer arrives at the store — soft foods are at the bottom of the bag and lose their presentation or become completely unusable.

→ Train employees/robots to correctly arrange products;

  • Short shelf life of goods — the buyer has very little time to use the product.

→ Ask the buyer before the checkout if he/she needs such a product;

  • Not all product pictures are displayed or correspond to reality.

→ Check that all product images are uploaded and correspond to reality;

  • There is no section with promotions (promotional products have a crossed-out price, but there is no special page with them)

→ A/B test such a page to understand CTR and buy rate;

  • Goods by weight can only be ordered of 2.20 ib — for example, users cannot buy 1ib of peanuts.

→ A/B test such option to discover whether people will buy more;

  • The product card does not offer similar products — for example, a different volume or an analog.

→ Create a recommendation system to offer more goods;

  • The minimum order value is too high — for example, 250$.

→ A/B test different order values and create a special value for first-time buyers;

  • Ability to add forgotten goods to the completed order — especially if it will only be delivered tomorrow.

→ Create an opportunity to add goods 2–24 hours before delivery if possible;

  • Indicating the total weight of the products in the order — to understand how many ibs will have to be carried.

→ Show mass on the checkout;

  • Out of stock goods are removed from the basket — without notice.

→ Mark goods and notify the customer (propose analog);

  • Sets for cooking: lists for cooking popular dishes.

→ Create a page with recipes where customer can buy everything;

  • Lack of extensive product descriptions.

→ Add a full description of each product for those who work out, have healthy lifestyles and for parents of young children (filters for proteins, fats, and carbohydrates);



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